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Farm fresh carbon offsets made in Canada.

Selling farm direct means there is no one but farmers between you and your carbon credits. Buying carbon credits from us is like getting your eggs from the farmers' market on Saturday mornings! We provide our customers with a certificate of purchase with a personal note and we even welcome visitors to the farm to take a walk through the forests with us! Each of our carbon credits are equivalent to the reduction of one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions. They come from trees planted right here in Canada that are storing carbon as they grow. We know that some bad apples out there have managed to make carbon credits a dirty word to some of you, but we're proud to operate transparently and have taken many steps to make a high quality product, including:

  • Completing third-party assessments for all of the forests we create.
  • Not selling at least 10% of that assessed value as an assurance factor.
  • Numbering and retiring all of our Carbon Plus Credits via an online listing.
  • Creating a replanting fund for each forest.



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Carbon Plus Credits
Metric Tonnes 0
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Metric Tonnes 5
Carbon Plus Credits 5
Price* (CAD) $75

Metric Tonnes 24
Carbon Plus Credits 24
Price* (CAD) $360

Each Carbon Plus Credit from John's Forest costs $15 (CAD).

In 2013 we should have the only boreal forest project in the world to have CarbonFix Standard (managed by The Gold Standard) certification. Learn more...

We're giving away $2551.00 to community's in need of an eco-friendly face-lift! Do you have a great idea for a way to reduce your community’s carbon footprint? Learn more...